What the Earth is going on?

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Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, solar flares. Revolutions, economic collapse, dollars is crashing, millions of animals being slaughtered for consumption. Global warming? Weather manipulation? Planet X? Are we in biblical end times? What is really going on?

Our civilization has reached its peak, we have reached an extreme in serving our collective ego and is time for self reflection, a major shift is happening. What exactly is this shift? We are in the beginning of a Magnetic Pole Shift, what does this mean?

Earths poles are switching North to South and vice versa. Last complete magnetic reversal was around 700,000 years ago and we are due for another one. There are many types of reversal which happen at different speeds, depending on the speed determines the level of natural disasters. What we should be concerning ourselves with is being prepared, for hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, freezing temperatures, solar flares, the radiation coming in from the sun from our magnetic field is weakening, which can implicate our health if we are not cleansed properly, possible electric grid and communication outages and one of the biggest concerns is the possibility of the Yellowstone super volcano erupting which would completely cover the earth in ash and destroy a big part of the US.

For More on the yellow stone super volcano :


Our solar system crosses over our galactic equator every 12,000 years as shown in the simulation below:

We are crossing to the feminine duality of our galaxy from the patriarchal into a matriarch society, based more on community, culture, creativity and leaving our government, banking and corporate system to a system which works in collaboration with our planet, where we co-create and assist the growth of our ecosystem. This is the 4th and final shift the Mayan spoke of. The birth of our planet as one unified global entity.

The evolutionary effects I’ve witness on the collective is the rise of conscious festivals in the United States, thousands coming together to celebrate with the same intention. Then there’s the migration of ayahuasca into North America, the plant spirit of pachamama, awakening all types of individuals from hippies to corporate entrepreneurs. The rise of new technology which will substitute the old system such as the new internet ethereum and the new currency Bitcoin which will bring a close to the dollar, lastly the rise of the Christ consciousness meaning truth, all truth is coming to light and all that has been hidden is now unveiled, Aside from my own personal experience with the teacher, the father, I now understand what earth has been preparing me for along with many in this coming shift, to assist and prepare others who are unaware of what is happening and taking part of the co-creation of the new coming age of Aquarius. We are coming face to face with our last lesson to graduate as a collective. We all must adapt and change if we want to be part of the new ecosystem.

Yes there might be weather manipulation affecting our weather, global warming, revolutions, but it is not one single separate event or someone’s doing, it is all interconnected because we are part of this organism, as parasites or the immune system we are synchronistically taking part in the effects of this shift. Our planet is speaking out, through it’s artists, through movie stars, through everyone, each playing their part. At this same time the movie “Mother” releases as a metaphor for Mother Earth and creator for us to reflect and realize what we are doing. The big question is how long will this shift take? 40 days, a couple of months, a few years, in the documentary below NASA calculates 1000 years but the way things are going I believe it will take a much quicker timespan.

Here is a scientifically based documentary by nova explaining in detail what is the magnetic pole shift

The Great American eclipse marked the beginning of the movement on the 21, Houston is destroyed on the 25, floods all around Asia affecting millions, fires in the west, Irma “Goddess of War” hits Florida, earthquakes in Mexico. I think we are all aware and denial of what is very obvious. She will not sustain how things are going and she is in the process of cleansing. This is the time for change and for humanity to wake up and take responsibility for its actions, to begin doing its part to support our planet. We speak of conscious community and spirituality, this is the beginning of your work, to assist your community when most in need and pick up the spirits after, through collaboration. Be centered through these moments and don’t loose yourself in the collective panic, be the calm eye of the storms and breath in your heart, tune into the silence. Be grateful that these moments free us from our daily 9-5, tv and social media and bring us together to be concerned from our family and work together to survive, helps us appreciate what we are unable to see on regular basis. Have faith that you will be protected by nature since you are aspect of her. Prepare, be safe, be with your loves ones, take in the lessons and be thankful to be given a fresh start.