Originally from Cuba, Denis “OHM” Cruz discovered his love for art at the age of 5.

Art remained OHM’s central focus as he grew older, culminating in his studying multimedia design & video production before becoming a 3D Animator.

OHM discovered dance, fitness, yoga and sound healing upon moving to the US, where he was mentored by some of South Florida’s best. During his search for Truth, OHM discovered his love of working with kids. The kids he observed and interacted with were pure and innocent, with no sense of time, in a perpetual state of wonder and curiosity – always wanting to play and interact with their environment. He further learned that when properly guided through the arts, kids opened up to their inner teacher and their higher selves. As a result, OHM started to work with kids. He combines his love for the arts with his devotion to teaching.

He incorporates yoga, art, dance, fitness & music to open kids up to self-expression and self-inquiry.

OHM is now pursuing his education in child psychology specializing in kids with Autism and behavioral challenges, he continues to expand his knowledge in the arts as well as being of service as a healer through plant medicines and an entertainer.

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Edith Amaya

Managing Assistant 

Edith Amaya was born in  Bogotá, Colombia, and was blessed to grow up in a spiritual home where she learned to do everything from the heart and follow her dreams. Despite this, she grew up thinking that she had to conform to society’s rules – study and get a job as a “normal person” would. She studied Tourism and Hospitality management, worked around 4 years in the industry but came to realize that there was more to life, and that she had to find her real purpose. She had to find the answer within.

During her time as a Network Marketer she began to redefine herself as an entrepreneur and free spirit who wanted to explore the world, discover its magic, and help other people to actively pursue their dreams. On her journey she met wonderful coaches who taught her how to look for the answers within before looking for answers in others, she learned how to manage her personal finances and to become an Entrepreneur and she studied Neuromarketing and Sales under Entrepreneur “Jurgen Klarick”. She learned to navigate emotional intelligence, spirituality and how to take action and believes that the balance among these three concepts are the base of everything!

Edith is now an integral part of LOTUS, and grateful for the opportunity to become a part of this experience and amazing journey, with a team whom she can share her knowledge and continue to rediscover herself. She wishes to inspire people to transform their lives for the better, to balance the digital age and use of technology by taking time to connect with Mother Earth, Spirit and to start to protect our world by building a beautiful alternative path.

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Valeria Ceron



Carolina Francesca

Executive Producer


Gabriela Ojeda



David Cruz

Video Production



Angela Del Sol

Executive Producer


David Samuel Modrow

Shamanic Yoga/ Sound Healing

Currently based in Rishikesh, India Drow is a Shamanic certified yoga instructor, sound healer, and life coach, dedicated to exploring the various dimensions of the soul, mind and body through interdisciplinary healing modalities.During his travels through Europe, South America, Thailand and India, Drow developed Amaru yoga a powerful hybrid of Kundalini-Tantra yoga, Ecstatic Dance, breath work, Gong Wash, Mantra, Shamanism and Art.


Recent engagements include a facilitating a Master Amaru Yoga class and Gongwash for  Guava Gatherings in Oakland, California and a Sacred Cacao ceremony @Unified Productions in Fort lauderdale, Florida. Drow recently led  for a 30 day teacher training certification at Casa Kiliku, a Tantra Shamanism school in Tumbaco- Ecuador, where he taught Naam-Kund led a Cacao Ceremony, a Water blessing ceremony, musically directed 5 Plant Limpias (energetic cleanses), mantra classes, Rapé (shamanic tobacco) healing ceremonies and lunar activation rituals.


Drow studied Dr. Joesph Levry’s Naam- Kundalini, is certified in Tantra Yoga / Mindful Nutrition and a practitioner of the Universal Kabbalah. Drow was extremely blessed to have worked- studied under two under Sundancers (lakota- Taino), Master Thai yoga Healer, Therdchai Chumpoohpong, and renowned sound healer Jacob Capi.


Sophie Le Page

Administration/Tantra Yoga/Nutrition

Sophie Le Page hails from Australia, lived for many years in the UK and travelled extensively through Central and South America on a journey of healing and self-discovery before making her base in Miami. On her travels, Sophie connected with Elders and Indigenous Communities, learning how they relate with the Earth, the plants, the elements and Spirit through Ritual and Ceremony. She came to understand that all experiences, challenges and emotions are teachers, and to find deep gratitude for these moments.
Sophie is certified in Tantra Yoga and Mindful Nutrition, certified in Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga, studied Vibrational Medicine in the UK and has a lifelong passion for holistic living. Sophie is committed to being of service, to continuing to grow, learn, share and to break down the barriers of fear. Sophie’s work focuses on providing the tools to empower her clients to take an active role in their healing.


Bryan Torres

Marketing Director


Charles Oceguera

 Promotion & IT






Julian Andres

Video & Editing



Jenn C




Jenny Rodriguez was born Peru and grew up in a huge Peruvian community, and has been calling Miami home for the last 3 years. Since childhood she has traveled extensively, exploring many different cultures and ways of life, which has sparked a passion to continue to travel, learn and share her art and powerful message with the world.

Jenny is inspired to capture people living their hearts calling, her audiovisuals focus on the unique essence of the moments that transform one’s life and the beauty that each moment holds. Jenny understands that behind each memory is a beautiful story, by capturing this she provides the viewer with an immersive experience.

She loves producing, applying social media to raise the voice of artistic expression and specializes in portraits, film, documentary and  photography.

Being part of this magnificent project (LOTUS) has changed her life completely. She’s fully committed to working with children and young people through music, photography, video and  publishing.

Jenny studied Audiovisual and Science Communications at Lima’s University and in TOULOUSE LAUTREC. She developed skills in photography, video and editing, focusing on the documentary branch. She has undertaken a number of workshops – mixing electronic music (PRO DJ), clowning (BOLA ROJA – WENDY RAMOS), basic singing techniques (Gestus SCHOOL – MERY ANN). Jenny is currently studying Acting in the Sebastián Ligarde school (Meisner Technique).


Alfie Justiz

Fitness Nutrition


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