I Am

I find myself writing in the name of truth, in the name of creator. I am 34, 22 years living within Miami, originally from Cuba. Miami has been a great and very tough teacher in many aspects. Miami has taught me to survive above all, taught me how to master many arts and aspects of creativity. Now that I find myself in a different life and environment I can look back on the lessons which I was blessed with. Miami, what a city, like no other, you will find amongst this planet. Small enough to have a conscious community where they all know each other and gather for one collective purpose. This city as tough as it is to make a living, only pushes you to master all aspects of yourself, teaches you to adapt to all environments. if you can make it here you can make it anywhere in the world.

I’ve come across the christ consciousness within this city, a subject I feel reluctant to speak of, because of the sacredness behind the teachings, in a sacred space called the Goddess Store, 20 years of collective teachings. Me and my brother decided to attempt Acid for the first time, we set intentions without knowing what I was doing or any prior experience in shamanic ceremonies. Found myself in an all nighter full of teachings from the highest truth, The buddha, the christ,  the father, the teacher. Who’s Main teaching was there is nothing more important in life but to learn the be a father. To learn the love of a father a-swell as a mother, a source of infinite energy. The meaning of Life itself. The next morning I found Myself honoring my father a-swell as my mother so I can continue the work that was meant for me.

Which brings me to Ayahuasca, the mother which speaks through me at this moment, I have dedicated my life to learning what this shift is about and it has brought me to this truth over and over, Ayahuasca is spreading throughout this planet, through creatives as well as corporate individuals who want to see their companies thrive. There is  duality to the earth,  the mother and the father, Nature and technology. We are targeted through vaccines and engineered education, to become a member of  society to sustain a fallen system.

I am a product of this education who has become aware of itself through the medicine called ayahuasca. The shift which is spreading throughout this planet is ayahuasca coming through to the north, The United States, more and more we see entrepreneurs, owners of companies searching for answers through this medicine with visionary quests in the amazon. “ Ayahuasca” the spirit of our mother earth is ready to teach our planet and educate the collective on the true intentions of evolution.  To create a new system to work simultaneously with our planet and concentrate on the progress of our evolution.

Again education is the key, our children, the creators of tomorrow. We are unaware of the levels of stress they are confronted on daily basis, the levels of toxins that are introduced into their system. Autism is a very serious threat, intentionally caused to reduce the population of those that are desired the least. A master and perfect race they strive for, not realizing the gift of individuality, within inequality there is the gift of being unique.

Within each race comes a teaching, a christ consciousness, an aspect of truth, a teaching. Bruce Lee held the truth of martial arts, he united all martial arts within the planet and created one unified teaching of this sacred art, there has been many teachers throughout time, which help us elevate to the truth. Michael Jackson understood this truth, The children, and we judged him and labeled him, because we were unable to understand his message.

There is one truth, one teacher which will continue to be constant, aside from our resistant to the truth, we will continue to evolve and adapt to the future of our planet, we are this planets medicine, whether you are here to support evolution or fend for yourself, this mother continues forward, within love, nurturing, compassion and our father will continue to spread this message of truth. We are here to learn to love, through family, through medicine, through mistakes, it is our right within this universe and our right to evolve, we are all aspects of a system, a system which teaches us the true value of life.

Life is in family, community, within our service, within our heart, spread your message and create your vision, your Dream, our Imagination is our reality, our Collective Reality. Your thoughts are the future so take responsibility, our next generation is the biggest gift and responsibility that Pachamama has given us, the gift to create, respect and nurture Life.

Ahohm, Now Am as stay and ohm Gam Gana pataye nama aha, cuz it doesn’t matter what language you speak, intentions is the language of the heart.

I am the the divine teacher within us all expressing itself throughout its many creations.

I am the One,

I am You and I am I,

I love You. Don’t ever Forget That.

The Heart, No Matter What….