Welcome! If you find yourself in this present, reading these words, we are gratefull for your presence. Upon entering our blog you will find infinite probabilities of growth, transformation, healing, celebration, peace and harmony. Through different ways of meeting we want to guide and support everyone who feels called to co-create, and celebrate in a conscious way.  At Goddess Medicine you will find a universal family ready to guide and support you in any way in which you wish to continue your way of life! With a variety of innovative & creative tools, with people willing to offer you experiences especially dedicated and designed to fulfill the call of your vision. Enjoy while you explore everything we offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Feel free to introduce yourself and share with us who you are and your hearts calling is! Blessings!

The GM is a Production Collective that focuses on creating a variety of public & private events, retreats, gatherings, festivals, shows & much more.

Designing profound life changing & transformational experiences that incorporate entertainment, healing, travel, alternative education, media, art and more. From private events, kids birthdays to the expansive travels & retreat you always were dreaming of, you can trust that we will weave your vision into reality.

A sustainable community that produces transformational experiences that support conscious living. To ensure that all of our  services are offered through ethical means, and that impact the life of everyone involved in a creative & inspiring way. Provide all parties involved with ideas, connections, guidance & practices that will guide and empower what they wish to manifest.

Our mission is to provide our community with unique and unforgettable moments, that will enrich their life & provide them with teachings in the many ways in which they wish to grow, learn, share, celebrate, honor, create, love & live in the human experience. We wish to help you design an everlasting experience that is inspired by free expression, connection & creativity, and that will impact your life in a meaningful way.


Our vission is to create theses moments through an active communities from around the world who work united to support projects that are focused on conscious living such as:  Eco-villages, Retreat, Community Gardens, Art Collectives &Alternative Education. We work in alliance with this projects because together we have and will continue to build towards living in connection with nature & all forms of life. By Co-creating


Be part of a collective database of services and events to reconnect all within our Tribe. This is an invitation to join and be part of a collective movement to spread community & sustainability to our global family.